How do I give my students access to the directory of theater companies and college programs?

StageAgent's directory of theater organizations offers students a powerful tool to research local theater groups, college/university programs, dance troupes, film studios and more. The directory is a great resource to help students expand their experience and take their theater education to the next level. 

In order to give students access to the directory, you first need to grant them access via your teacher administrative portal. To enable access to the directory, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your teacher administrative portal.
  • For each group that you want to enable the directory, click on the SETTINGS button.
  • On the SETTINGS page, scroll down and check the box under 'Enable access to the directory of arts companies and colleges?'
  • Click the UPDATE button

Now, make sure your students log out and then log back in. Once they have signed back in, they should now have full access to the theater company directory!

* Note: If you are creating a brand new group after 3/1/2020, we enable the company directory by default. However, you can still choose to disable this feature at anytime.

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