Can I import my students into a group with a CSV file?

Have a large number of students to add to a group? You can import them all once by using our bulk add tool to import student names using a CSV file. 

*NOTE: Our CSV file uploader might not be able to function properly on school-issued devices due to your school's firewall security settings. If you are not able to successfully upload your CSV file, this is the likely cause. To avoid your school's firewall completely, we recommend that you use the bulk add feature on your personal computer and on a non-school Wi-Fi network.

Here's how to import your CSV file:

1) Navigate to a group management page and click on the button to BULK ADD STUDENTS

2) You will then see a page that will provide you with a sample CSV file and inform you about the number of available student seats you have in your account. Note that individual groups can have a maximum of 75 students.

3) Copy the sample file and download it as a CSV file. Keep the header labels the same and replace the sample student names with the names of your students.

4) Upload your new CSV file. If the upload is successfully, this message will be displayed:

5) You will then see the imported students displayed in your group. 

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