How can students log in using Single Sign-On (SSO) via Clever?

StageAgent for Schools allows students to log in to their student dashboard via SSO using Clever. Clever single sign-on (SSO) enables users to be securely authenticated into connected applications via their individual Clever portals.

A few things to note before students can log in to StageAgent for Schools via Clever:

1) Your district admin will need to add the StageAgent for Schools app to the district's Clever Portal in order to share the app with district users. District admins can do this by navigating to their Clever district dashboard > Applications > Request Applications page.

2) Students need to be added to a group in your StageAgent teacher portal. Teachers can do this by adding the student's name to your Students Enrolled list. When you add the student's name, the system automatically creates a unique 6-digit code just for that student. You should email each student his/her code. 

Students can sync their StageAgent accounts with Clever once your district admin has added StageAgent to the Clever Portal and you have added your students to Groups in your teacher portal. 

There are two options to sync accounts:

Option 1:

Login to StageAgent for Schools with a Passcode.

Navigate to the Integrations page on StageAgent for Schools and click on the Clever integration option.

Once a User clicks on the Clever option, StageAgent will initiate Oauth flow and the user will need to login to Clever to link Clever to their StageAgent for Schools account.

    1. Note that if a user is already logged in to Clever, this process will now automatically link their StageAgent passcode with Clever. A user is will be redirected back to StageAgent for Schools and the connection is made. The user can now log in to StageAgent for Schools using Clever instead of a passcode.

Option 2:

Discover StageAgent for Schools in the Clever library and click on our icon

The Clever visitor will then be taken to a page that prompts him/her to enter his StageAgent for Schools passcode. After inputting his/her StageAgent for Schools passcode, the account will be linked to his/her Clever account. Going forward, the user will now be able to log in to StageAgent for Schools using his/her Clever account.

If the Clever visitor does not already have a StageAgent for Schools passcode, we will display instructions for how the visitor can sign up for a new StageAgent for Schools account.

Disconnecting from Clever

  • A StageAgent for Schools user can navigate to Integrations and disconnect from Clever.

  • The user will then be logged out from StageAgent for Schools and the Clever + StageAgent for Schools connection is permanently removed.
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