How can students log in using Single Sign-On (SSO) via Google?

StageAgent for Schools allows students to log in to their student dashboard via SSO using Google.

Before a student can log in using Google, the student needs to first be added to a group in your StageAgent teacher portal by adding his/her name to your Students Enrolled list. When you add the student's name, the system automatically creates a unique 6-digit code just for that student. You should email each student his/her code.

Once a student has received his/her StageAgent code, he/she can navigate to the student login page and click on the 'Sign in with Google' button. 

The student will then be prompted to select his/her correct Google account. If the student is already logged in to Google, he/she will be prompted to enter his/her StageAgent passcode in order to link accounts.

After the student enters his/her passcode, his/her Google and StageAgent accounts will be linked. For future logins, the student will no longer need to use the 6-digit code and can instead click on the 'Sign in with Google' button to log in to StageAgent for Schools.

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