Can I choose whether or not to show students videos from YouTube?

YouTube and Vimeo can be amazing sources for theatre videos. On StageAgent, we try to curate the most useful videos to enhance our guides.  For an optimal experience, we recommend allowing students to view these videos. However, we understand that in some cases your school might make it difficult or impossible for students to view videos from 3rd party resources. 

If your school firewall is blocking YouTube

We suggest that you first contact your IT administrator. In many cases, the IT person can make a simple change to the firewall settings to allow embedded YouTube videos to display on Your IT person should allow for any outgoing YouTube request urls made from S(he) would need to adjust the firewall filtering setting so that it checks the initiator of the request that is being made to a YouTube URL. If the initiator is and the external point is YouTube, then s(he) would want the filter changed to 'not block'. 
Another workaround is to avoid using the school's WiFi network. In many cases, if you use you switch the WiFi network, you will be able to view embedded videos that might have otherwise been blocked by a firewall.
Lastly, if YouTube is blocked on student computers, it is still usually allowed for teachers. In this case, we recommend that teachers project their screen to show videos for students.
Blocking videos for students
For a variety of reasons, it might make sense to simply not display videos for students. If you do not want to display videos for students, navigate to the Group Settings page for your class. Uncheck the box next to 'Allow students to view curated theatre videos from YouTube and Vimeo' and click UPDATE at the bottom of the page.

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