How do I assign quizzes and download class results?

On StageAgent for Schools, teachers can assign quizzes so that they will be featured on the students' Class Activities page. 

To assign a quiz, click onto any quiz in your teacher portal. You will then see the ASSIGN button. 

Click on the ASSIGN button and then select the correct class/group.

After you assign a quiz, it will display on the Class Activities page for students.

In your teacher dashboard, navigate to the group/class management page. You will see your assigned quiz listed under the Class Activities tab along with a link to download results and a red 'x' to un-assign the quiz. 

The CSV download report will include the following information:

  • Class/group name
  • Date the quiz was assigned
  • Date the report was downloaded
  • Pass/fail results for each student who took the quiz along with a timestamp

If you choose to un-assign a quiz, please make sure you first download the class quiz results report for your records. After you un-assign the quiz, the report will be deleted and the quiz will no longer be displayed in the Class Activities section.

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