How do you define different show genres?

Drama: A plot featuring in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.

Comedy: A plot that is largely humorous.

Dark Comedy: A plot that is often gloomy or morbid, but primarily comedic in nature.

Jukebox / Revue: A musical that uses previously released songs (often interspersed with original music) as its music score.

Parody: A plot that is humorously exaggerated imitation of a previously created work, writer, artist, or genre.

Farce: A comic plot featuring buffoonery, ludicrous situations, and often crude humor.

Satire: A plot that uses humor or irony to criticize people's behavior or perceived stupidity, often aligning with contemporary political or social issues.

Romance: A plot that revolves primarily around a love story (or multiple love stories).

Fairy Tale / Fantasy: A plot that takes place in an imaginary (and often idealized) locale and/or includes fantastical, imaginary, and/or magical elements and characters.

Historical / Biographical: A plot that is based, however loosely, on actual historical events and/or people.

Horror: A plot characterized by macabre, suspenseful, startling, gruesome and/or supernatural elements

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