Creating Quizzes

StageAgent now offers you the opportunity to create original class quizzes to assign to your students. Here's how:

1. Sign in to your teacher dashboard.

2. Click on MY QUIZZES at the top center of the screen.

3. Click the blue "Create New Quiz" box.

4. Fill in the title and description. Give as much detail as you need: description of the quiz, due dates, other pertinent information. Here is where you may also decide if you want to randomize your quiz answers so they don't appear in the same order every time a student takes a quiz.

5. Begin writing questions. You may include the following styles of questions: true or false, single-answer, and multi-answer. Additional instructions are on the quiz page. You can add more answers to each question, and additional questions to the quiz by clicking a button. Continue adding new questions and once you're done, either save as a draft for further editing later, or publish the quiz!

6. Your quiz is now in your "My Quizzes" list and you are ready to  activate it! (NOTE: Publishing a quiz merely gets it into place to assign to students; you must activate the class quizzes in each student group for them to take it.)

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