How do I print my resume?

  • When viewing your profile, click on the See resume button.

  • On the resume page, click on the Print Resume button.
  • Note that in the print preview, depending on your browser print settings, you might see unwanted text such as the date and browser page title.

NOTE: The output will look nicer if you can turn off the web browser's header and footers. Here are instructions to do this on different web browsers:

Google Chrome

Click on More settings to expand the options, then make sure Headers and footers is unchecked.


Set all of the Page Headers: and Page Footers: dropdowns to --blank--.


Click Show Details to show more options (if they're not already showing) and then make sure Print headers and footers is unchecked.

Internet Explorer

Click the Gear icon in the top right corner, go into Print, and then select Page setup. Then make sure all of the Headers and Footers dropdowns are set to -Empty-.

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