How do I activate a lesson?

As a teacher in StageAgent for Schools, you gain access to a comprehensive library of lessons. By 'activating' a lesson, you can automatically display relevant materials on your students' Class Activities page such as lesson objectives, StageAgent guides, outside links, videos and StageAgent quizzes.

To activate a lesson, follow these instructions:

Step1: Navigate to a lesson in your teacher portal

On the top navigation, click on 'Lesson Plans'. Then, select the lesson or exercise that you would like to activate.

Step 2: Choose the group(s) of students that you want to view the active lesson materials 

Once you have selected a lesson, click on the 'Activate' button. You should see your StageAgent groups listed. Choose the group that you want to view the lesson materials. In the example below, the group 'Theatre 2' has been selected.

Step 3: Post an announcement for your students

Navigate to the group management page. In the Active Lessons tab, you should now see the lesson you selected. Optionally, we also recommend that you post an announcement so your students know to the visit the Class Activities page to access the lesson resources.

Step 4: Log in as a student

The last step is to log in as a student and navigate to the Class Activities page. You should now see your active lesson displayed on this page. *Note it can take up to 15 minutes after activation for a lesson to display on the Class Activities page.

Click on a lesson to view its Overview, Related Resources, Videos and StageAgent Quizzes.

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