How do I assign content and manage class activities?

As a teacher on StageAgent for Schools, you gain access to a comprehensive library of lessons, show research materials, learning modules and quizzes. If you have a school plan, you can 'assign' these materials to students by adding them to your Class Activities page. Note that when you assign a quiz, we also allow you to download the quiz results for your class. Click here to learn more about quiz assigning.

As you browse through materials in your teacher portal, you will see an ASSIGN button on the lower corner of the page.

Click the ASSIGN button and then choose which classes to assign material.

From your class management page, you can click the 'Class Activities' tab to see the materials you have assigned divided into Lessons, Reading List and Quizzes. If you would like to remove an item, simply click the ' x'.

Now when your students log in and navigate to their Class Activities page, they will see the materials you have assigned. *Note that after adding an item to Class Activities, it can take up to 10 minutes to display for students.

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